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Iron Deficiency FAQ


What are the most common symptoms of low iron?


Bifera-tiredness-symptomThe most common symptoms associated with low iron (or an iron deficiency) are fatigue, paleness and irritability. Someone with early stages of iron deficiency may have no signs or symptoms.


Bifera helps in energy production by increasing iron levels though restoring the body’s hemoglobin levels in people with iron deficiency.


Over time iron deficiency can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Signs of iron deficiency anemia include:


  • a constant feeling of tiredness and weakness
  • decreased performance at work
  • feeling unusually cold
  • dizziness


It is important to find out why you have an iron deficiency. These symptoms may be caused by an underlying problem (like a bleeding ulcer) that is not obvious. Consult a doctor to get tested for iron deficiency if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms of low iron.