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Bifera® Iron Reviews

Our customers love Bifera®, and you will too! Read reviews from some of our happy customers below. Or send us your own Bifera success story! Keep in mind that individual results may vary.

Saw improvements to my health

After discovering Bifera several months ago, it has changed my life and lifestyle. I feel less tired, more energetic, less moody. etc. I stopped eating red meat 19 years ago and did not realize the impact it was having until I saw the improvements to my health by taking Bifera.

Lisa R.

This product is wonderful.

THANKS A MILLION TIMES! This product is just wonderful. My only challenge is finding it in my local Walgreens or CVS. They run out constantly and with counts like 6.3 I NEED this product as much as I would need an Rx. I have family and friends in three counties keeping an eye out for it so that I don't run out again. Last time I couldn't find it locally, my counts dropped two-tenths of a point in two weeks. Yikes! Couldn't keep other iron including slow release irons down. Transfusions pretty regularly until your product. Did I say, "Thank you!"


No stomach issues at all for me.

I have been taking for a week now. It works with no unpleasant GI adverse events like Hemocyte Plus. I will be sure to recommend this product to friends.

Gregg D.

I cannot rave enough about Bifera

I am a 45 year old female and last year I had noticed that my hair was thinning out at an increasing rate. No history of female pattern hair loss in the family. My overall general health was fairly poor with symptoms of hair loss, extreme fatigue, memory fogginess, aches and pains, rashes, heart palpitations the list went on and on. I scheduled an appointment with my GP for blood work. After months and months of seeing every doctor under the sun including a dermatologist, endocrinologist and gynocologist. She finally checked my iron! The results showed that I was extremely iron deficient although not anemic. 


I have already noticed the increase in energy.

I just purchased Bifera after checking online for an iron supplement & discovered this page. I have been taking it daily for about a week now & I have already noticed the increase in energy. It does not make me feel sick in any way. I will be checking my hemoglobin soon to determine if it’s effective in that way.

Amie X.

Doesn’t make me constipated or nauseous!

This is the first iron I've taken that doesn't make me constipated or nauseous! I can take it with or without food and I feel great either way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has tried iron in the past and couldn't tolerate the side-effects. This is totally different.

Natalie W.

Product does all it says.

Product does all it says. No stomach issues at all. Have more energy and anemic symptoms gone in one month.


Helped me regain iron reserve...

I struggle with anemia and have taken many supplements. Bifera was the first tablet that I felt has helped me regain my iron reserve and the energy that comes with. I take Bifera, only Bifera daily now.

Lisa W.

Bifera is the best out there!

This product works exactly as it says. I went vegetarian a few months ago, unaware that my vitamins lacked iron. After a few months, my symptoms were very bad, including: Extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, hard time swallowing, frontal headaches, brittle hair/falls out easily, abdominal pain, low immune system, unable to keep body temp, etc. I took a normal iron supplement at first, which had to be taken with Vitamin C and with food. I had an upset stomach everyday and diarrhea. I researched Bifera and decided to try it and it works amazing! I have no side effects, do not need Vitamin C with it, or need to take it with food and I already feel 100 times better than I had with my previous supplements in the same amount of time. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for more energy or does not receive enough iron. Bifera is the best out there!  Rachel X.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

For the first time in over 20 years of trying every iron supplement on the market, your brand works! It does not cause me to devote an entire day to nausea, vomiting, and an upset stomach because I took an iron supplement. The quality of life has been greatly improved. Thank you.

Phumile X.

I had none of the usual iron side effects.

Love this! Has none of the usual side effects normally found with taking iron!!


I have had no adverse side effects!

I have been taking Bifera for a month now and have noticed a significant improvement in my energy level. There have been no adverse side affects like the other Iron supplements I tried in the past, like constipation. It really has made me feel stronger and more prepared for a long active day. 

Kris M.

The difference is amazing.

I have been on Bifera for 8 months and the difference is amazing. I don't have the GI problems with Bifera.

Jan A.

So gentle!

Your iron is so gentle to my system. I love it!
Rhonda C.

I would and will buy this product again.

There are some of the unwanted side effects such as constipation and nausea when taking iron, but with Bifera you don't get that. It's a great product.

Iron Woman

Love this Product.

Best iron supplement I have taken in my life.

Best iron supplement. Well absorbed.

I've tried many different types of iron supplements and foods and was still anemic. This is the first supplement I've taken that has worked, including some that were prescribed. Also, it doesn't give me the awful constipation that other iron supplements do. Bifera is expensive, but definitely worth the money because I don't have to buy other products to counteract the constipation.

I would buy this product again.

I had trouble keeping my iron levels up to donate plasma. After using Bifera, I had now have very few times that I could not donate. I will continue using this product for as long as I still donate plasma in the future.

Very good alternative iron source.

Good alternative to the iron supplements currently on the market. This is the same iron formulation as found in my Prefera-OB pre-natal vitamin. I haven't had any "normal" iron supplement issues while taking this product.

Very Happy with the results.

I was deficient in iron for a long time and pretty much gave up on tying to get it from my natural diet choices so I started using this product about 4 months ago and have been very happy with the results. When I last got my blood tested, my iron levels were right up where they should have been.
Amy T.